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My love of clothes has always been with me, even if my fashion sense is not particularly on trend.

However, I believe strongly that it does not matter what one wears so long as the wearer feels good in it - this is one of the reasons I studied Costume with Textiles, to learn about how clothes were traditionally made and how this could be applied to modern fashion. Moreover, I have been able to channel this passion for difference into my business 'oo arh!' and find news ways of creating exciting clothes through up cycling - with one eye on the environment and practicing a sort of mindfulness about how much wastage and materials I use.

Trading at festivals gives me an amazing opportunity to have 'live' customer research and feedback, which was invaluable for the evolution of oo arh!

I am happy to answer any questions and to take enquiries, so don't be shy!

Keep in touch and up to date by looking at my blog (on the homepage) and Instagram page below...